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box1 – Volume and Area of a Box (easy version)

Write a program that calculates the volume and the external surface area of a rectangular box given its width, height and depth.

A box, its width, height and depth

Input and output

Input consists of a single line with three natural numbers w, h and d where 0 < w, h, d ≤ 999. These numbers indicate respectively the width, height and depth of the given box.

The output should contain two lines. The first line of output should indicate the volume in the following format:

The volume of a <w> by <h> by <d> box is <v>.

The second line of output should indicate the area in the following format:

The surface area of a <w> by <h> by <d> box is <a>.

Replace <w>, <h> and <d> by the dimensions of the box in the same order given in the input. Replace <v> and <a> by the volume and area respectively.

Do not forget the ending period (.)!

Example input 1

1 1 1

Example output 1

The volume of a 1 by 1 by 1 box is 1.
The surface area of a 1 by 1 by 1 box is 6.

Example input 2

3 4 5

Example output 2

The volume of a 3 by 4 by 5 box is 60.
The surface area of a 3 by 4 by 5 box is 94.

The volume and area functions

In order to get a full score, your program should be implemented using two functions volume and area. These functions should take the three integers indicating dimensions of a box and return an integer indicating respectively the box’s volume and area. Please refer to the information for your chosen language:

Specifically for this exercise when using Python, JavaScript, Lua or Ruby, avoid using sys.exit(), process.exit(), os.exit() or exit, as your program is appended with some extra assertions in one of the test sets.



If you are getting a score of 0/6 but your program is printing the correct results for the example I/O cases, double-check your output. Check that the words are spelled correctly and that it includes the punctuation (period .). The automated scoring script will only give a score when the output matches exactly!

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