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file-read – Reading from files

Write a program that reads a name from the text file name.txt. If the file does not exist, your program should print name.txt: file not found to standard output. If the file does exist, your program should print the first word found in the file. Either way, for this exercise specifically your program should terminate with an exit code of 0 – exit(0) or return 0 from main.

Reading from files

Here is an example command line session:

$ ls
$ ./file-read
name.txt: file not found
$ echo Mary > name.txt
$ ./file-read

The name given in the test input is no longer than 60 characters and may be followed by a line break in the name.txt file.



Depending on the language you are using you may have to strip any trailing line break after reading from the name.txt file.

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