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hconv – Hertz conversions

Write a program that is able to convert between processor clock rates in: hertz (Hz), kilohertz (kHz), megahertz (MHz) and gigahertz (GHz).

Bonus exercise: considering a 4-core processor that performs 6 instructions per cycle or 2 floating point operations per cycle, your program should also convert between FLOPS, IPS and their multiples: kFLOPS, kIPS, MFLOPS, MIPS, GFLOPS and GIPS.

Input and output

Input will contain several lines. Each line of input is given in the format <n> <unit1> in <unit2>. Units are given by their abbreviations: Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz, FLOPS, kFLOPS, MFLOPS, GFLOPS, IPS, kIPS, MIPS and GIPS. Input is no larger than 360 GHz.

For each line of input there should be a line of output with the corresponding result. Output should be rounded to one decimal place which should always be present.

Example input

3.3 GHz in MHz
100000 kHz in GHz
1.5 GHz in GFLOPS
1.5 GHz in MIPS

Example output

3300.0 MHz
0.1 GHz
36000.0 MIPS



Double precision floating point arithmetic should be enough to get you a full score.

try first: bconv

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