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owes – Owes

Write a program that reads an amount in dollars and two names then formats and prints the following message: <name1> owes $<amount> dollars to <name2>.

John owes $1.5 to Mary

Input and Output

Input contains several lines each with a decimal number and two names separated by spaces. The decimal number is greater than 0.0 and smaller than 999.0 and has up to two decimal places. The two names have up to 30 characters.

For each line of input, output should contain a corresponding line line with the following message: <name1> owes $<amount> dollars to <name2>. The amount should be rounded to two decimal places and have no leading zeroes.

Input is terminated by the end-of-file (EOF).

Example input

1.5 John Mary
199 Jane Mario

Example output

John owes $1.50 dollars to Mary.
Jane owes $199.00 dollars to Mario.


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