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power1 – Exponentiation (easy version)

Write a program that performs integer exponentiation of a base b to the power of n.

bⁿ = b × b × … × b where b is repeated n times

for example

2⁵ = 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 = 32

Segment, square, cube and tesseract

Input and output

Input will contain two integers b and n where 0 < b, n ≤ 9

Output should contain a single integer indicating the value of bⁿ.

Example input 1

2 5

Example output 1


Example input 2

5 2

Example output 2


The power function

Your program should contain a power function that takes two integers and returns an integer. The first integer argument should be the base and the second the exponent. Please refer to the information for your chosen language:

You should perform the exponentiation as a series of multiplications. For this exercise, you should restrain from using your programming languages' built-in exponentiation functions.

The power function should not print anything. It should just perform the computation and return an integer. The function and input/output processing must exist in the same program. Create a single submission with the function and main program. If you’re confused, try earning a partial score first.

Specifically for this exercise when using Python, JavaScript, Lua or Ruby, avoid using sys.exit(), process.exit(), os.exit() or exit, as your program is appended with some extra assertions in one of the test sets.


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